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Scholarship & Success Coaching

Scholarship Coaching

There is so much more to scholarships than just applying for them. AOTC is here to help students navigate that process.

Getting Ahead of the Curve

AOTC helps students and young adults decide what their best next steps are based on their interests, skills, and goals.

Helping You Achieve Success

Take Ownership.

Say Hello to YOUR FUTURE 

Attending higher education is important, but starting your adult life with large amounts of student loan debt is devastating. The good news is, there is money out there to help you pay for school. Applying for scholarships or grants can be an easy process if you know the steps to take.                        

What form of continued education is right for you

The 10 steps to getting started

Making sure you stand out

Tools to find the best scholarships for you

1-on-1 coaching to help you succeed

Target Setting

Understanding  options allows us to set goals. Let’s talk about your dreams, talents, and skills to find the best path. 


1-on-1 coaching helps you design and implement your success plan. A coach helps you stay on track and assists in helping you shine.


Writing Review

You want to stand out on those scholarship applications. Coaching makes sure your answers, essay, and resume are perfection.


Standing out with your application is how you win scholarships. Apply with confidence, knowing you will shine. It’s time to take ownerships and GO!

 What Is Scholarship Coaching?
Who is it For?

I work with students and young adults to help them understand their academic path and what it means for their future. I feel strongly that graduating from college or trade school shouldn’t come with mass amounts of student loan debt. Students hear constantly that they should apply for scholarships but they are rarely given the direction or tools to do so. At AOTC I provide those tools and coach on the process of preparing , researching and submitting scholarship applications.

Why Student Debt is holding back young adults

Here is a truth that is commonly not explained. Colleges and higher education institutions are businesses, plain and simple. Over the years their expenses go up and to cover their rising costs, tuition goes up. The problem is wages have not risen at the same rate of inflation. This leads to a dilemma; the ratio of student loan debt has drastically increased, whereas wages have not. This puts young adults behind the curve; it  is what Ahead of the Curve is determined to battle!

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Scholarship Myths: Are they worth your time to apply for?

Here’s the deal; it’s worth it. Well more importantly, it CAN be worth it!

Your approach is important. Most students apply here and there without any strategy.  That method is never going to drive the results needed to make it feel like it was worth your effort. 

You need to be organized, researched, detailed, and committed to getting FREE MONEY for school! This is why Ahead of the Curve exists, to show you how to accomplish those steps and find scholarship success. 

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The 6 Types of Scholarships to look for and Where to Find Them

When I started looking for Scholarships I was so overwhelmed!  It isn’t that challenging of a topic but, how do you know where to look and what to trust?  Over time I started to find my way through the weeds.  I then started to realize that there are a few different types of scholarships and they can be found in different places.

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Do you have a resume? Are you sure it is a good one?

Do you have a resume? It seems like a simple question but a resume is so much more than just a piece of paper that describes your experience. A resume in an opportunity to give a stellar first impression, and as the saying goes, the first impression matters. 

So the real question is, do you have a resume and is it a good one?  

It starts with an Email: You need a better one!

STORY TIME! I worked as a collage admissions ambassador for several years. Starting that position I assumed it was common knowledge that you should have a professional email address to use. It blew my mind how many college applications I saw that contained email addresses like, or

I get it! Creating your first email address feels like an opportunity to express your individuality. I did it, too; my first one was (don’t send that address an email, its been 15 years since I checked it). 

Here’s the thing, though. Colleges, employers, and scholarship organizations take into consideration what your email address is. You need to create a professional email address for so many reasons. 

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About Me

Hi! my name is Hanna Pierce. As a high school student I knew I wanted to attend college, but I also knew I did not want all the student debt that came along with that experience. Since I couldn’t find the tools or resources I needed to navigate the world of scholarships, I created my own. At the time I called it The Art of Scholarships and it WORKED!

Let me be clear; I was by no means an impressive student. I had good, but average grades, no student organizations or community service, and a normal family background. But I did find success, and I paid for a large portion of my higher education with free money!

I want other students and young adults to have the success I did, especially as the student debt crisis continues to get worse. Welcome to Ahead of the Curve, I am thrilled to be a part of helping you find success, too.


Online Coaching Resources

AOTC Scholarship Course

This course takes you through the 10 steps of preparing for your scholarship applications.

1-on-1 Coaching

Meet with Hanna for coaching to help you determine the right path, get organized, and create a plan for success.

3 Week Scholarship Workshop



Set Your Goals.

Take A Challenge.

Reward Yourself.

 I am greatly looking forward to helping you achieve your dreams. Attending a form of higher education, be it college, grad school, trade school, or some other form of learning is an incredible experience. My goal is to show you a system to receive the financial assistance you need without turning to loans, and student debt first. 

If you are struggling to decide if furthering your education is the right path, I would love to help you. We will evaluate your opportunities by considering your goals and financial options.  I am here to help you get Ahead of the Curve!


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