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Scholarship Coaching

Target, Plan, Succeed

Target Setting

Understanding  options allows us to set goals. Let’s talk about your dreams, talents and skills to find the best path. 


Our 1 on 1 coaching helps you design and implement your success plan. A coach helps you stay on track &  assists in helping you sine. 


Writing Review

We want you to stand out on those scholarship applications. With our coaching we make sure your essay, answers, and resume are perfection.


Standing out with your application is how you win scholarships. Apply with confidence knowing you will shine. It’s time to take ownerships and GO!

The AOTC Approach

For many students the process of deciding what they should do after graduation is challenging. This goes for grads of all levels, high school, college, post grad programs, and so on.

We take an open minded and thoughtful approach to help you determine your path. Once you feel confident about your goals we help you get there.

The getting there is the most important part, the financial strain of student loans is the barrier we are here to help you break down. We start by helping you understand why it is worth your time to receive scholarships & grants, then help you implement the AOTC plan.



How It Works

Schedule a Free 1-on-1

A quick 1-on-1 will introduce you to your AOTC coach and help you decide when starting the process is right for you. You will discuss your goals and  academic options. 




Start your Course

The step by step AOTC course will take you through the process needed to find scholarship success. This includes getting organized with documents, writing your essay and general questions answers, and effective researching techniques.

Reach Your Goals

Once you have completed the AOTC Scholarships course your coach will review and finesse the material you have prepared for your applications. From there you will start submitting applications using all the tools and skills AOTC has taught you!


Scholarship Fundamentals

  • Personal Coaching  through the AOTC Scholarships Fundamentals Course
  • 5 1-on-1 coaching sessions with 2 follow up sessions to keep on track 
  • Documentation checklist and organization
  • Resume, essay, and cover letter development from draft to application ready
  • Scholarship research strategy
  • Goal setting, application tracking, and due date scheduling



More Details

The Scholarship Fundamentals course breaks down the process of applying for scholarships by first setting students up for success before they even start the researching and application process. 

The vast majority of students abandon applying for scholarships because they don’t know where to begin. This course provides a foundation by walking students through all the necessary pieces needed to prepare before starting the research and application process. 

AOTC takes it a bit further by providing a system for students to begin researching efficiently, making sure due dates are not missed, and standing out on their applications. Most importantly, we provide encouragement to take OWNERSHIP for their future!


Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Getting Ahead of The Curve Today!

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